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Our Internship Program

Our internship program is in it's second year and we're thrilled to be offering this opportunity to both high school and college students! Whether you're looking for school credit, learning more about being part of a non-profit, or getting to flex your creative muscles while also saving animals - this is for you! You can apply using the link below. For specific questions, please contact Kristen at

Let's start together.

The Pixel Fund is currently looking for a small team of forward-thinking, animal-loving, high school or college students who would be interested in working with our non-profit and a team of 100+ volunteers. This is a perfect opportunity for any student needing volunteer hours for scholarships as well!

This internship will teach direct responsibilities in working with a non-profit.


Ideal candidates would be interested in running a business or non-profit, human services, volunteering, animal rescue, public relations or marketing.


We'd love to work with students who can bring new and fresh ideas to marketing the organization and our animals, create new fundraising events and work with our fosters to increase community support!

We're ready to meet you!

Our internship program is hosted in Oviedo, FL, however we have the ability for distance-interns utilizing online tools, scheduling and meetings! 

Interns will have a hands-on opportunity to directly assist with volunteering, but will also be a big part of our creative and marketing team! 

We're excited to meet the next generation of students who want to make a difference in the world, and we hope you'll consider starting here with us!

Some extra details

Our internship team will work together on some of the following projects:

  • Assisting with marketing photo shoots

  • Developing creative ways to market rescue animals

  • Working on ideas for new fundraising efforts

  • Brainstorming new marketing ideas

  • Helping manage a variety of social media and outreach - like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok

  • Blogging new articles and creating fun videos to share our pets

  • Participating in adoption events when able

  • One hour/week assisting with our kitten condos at local pet stores

  • Other admin or marketing tasks as needed

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