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Spay & Neuter Services

Click here to visit the ASPCA database of low-cost spay/neuter providers in your area.

Spay N Save
988 N. Ronald Reagan Blvd. Longwood, Florida
(407) 920-4894


Pampered Pooch
228 Lewiston Rd. Gray, Maine
(207) 657.6624
"One of our dearly departed dogs was a very picky boarder and she always came home happy from Pampered Pooch! Plus, the owner is pitt friendly."

The Doggie Cottage
35 Bull Run Gray, Maine
(207) 657-7311 
81 Holmes Rd. Scarborough, Maine
(207) 883-1914

Lorie Dorr
34 Deer Hill Ave, Standish, ME 
24/7 dog care in our home
Dogs under 40 lbs only
Excellent references, fully insured
(207) 642-1071 or (207) 838-0132 call or text 

Geneva Oaks Animal Hospital
4193 N County Road 426 Geneva, Florida
(407) 349-9536

Doggy Daycare

Pride & Joy Kennels
59 Nash Rd. Windham, Maine
(207) 892-6883


Two Pretty Pups
31 Verrill St. Portland, Maine
(207) 423-0207

Paws Applause
27 Gorham Rd. Scarborough, Maine
(207) 885-0077

Pride & Joy Kennels
59 Nash Rd. Windham, Maine
(207) 892-6883

Chrystal Clean Pups
Owner Heather Rowe will bathe your new Pixel Pup within 14 days of adoption date for FREE! 

Veterinary Care

These vets and care facilities have proven themselves to Pixel, both in times of health and times of illness.

Stoneledge Animal Hospital
607 Bridge Rd. Westbrook, Maine
(207) 797.4292

North Deering Veterinary Hospital
456 Auburn St. Portland, Maine
(207) 797-4855

Winthrop Veterinary Hospital
1942 US Route 202  Winthrop, Maine
(207) 377-2520 

Pine Point Animal Hospital
12 Pine Point Rd. Scarborough, Maine
(207) 883.3301
"Dr. Katie Erswell is professional, takes the time to explain things, and provides treatment options. She has always made us (and the dogs) feel cared about."

Geneva Oaks Animal Hospital
4193 N County Road 426 Geneva, Florida
(407) 349-9536


Behaviorists & Trainers

One of our partners, Dogs Are Smart, puts it best: "I see dog training as the way for YOU to effectively communicate with your dog and to help your dog adjust to the demands of being well-behaved in the human world."

The Pixel Fund rescues dogs with all kinds of backgrounds and we strongly encourage our pups to go through positive enforcement obedience training. Many of dogs are surrendered because no one took the time to properly train or housebreak them in their first home. Some rescue dogs come from a cruel or abusive background, some were neglected, and some breeds are just darn stubborn! Maybe your a first time dog owner and want to learn how to be the alpha in your home. If you feel like you need a helping hand, these trainers have a track record of success with furry friends like yours!

Dogs Are Smart - Training for Dogs & People
Located in Portland, Maine, Dogs Are Smart offers many services, including: 

  • Good Manners & Obedience Training

  • Behavior Modification (People & Dogs!)

  • Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation

  • Best Breed & Puppy Selection

  • Service & Therapy Dog Training

  • Trick Training

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