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About The Pixel Fund

The Chihuahua That Started It All


I was rescued from death row in a Tennessee shelter and went on to compete in the World Championship Boatyard Dog Trials in Rockland, ME. During my training for the event, my rescue mom created a Facebook page and networked to gather support and to raise funds to donate to my former shelter so that other dogs could be saved. Through that effort, my mom began to learn, really learn, of the “shelter truth.” Pets die in shelters. Every day. Every 11 seconds. We all know it. It’s not pretty to think about it. Maybe our local shelter is a clean, well-intentioned facility and we ignore the fact that when they are out of space, there is a room at the back where some friendly, healthy pets meet an untimely, lonely end. Some facilities are not so friendly, or clean, or humane. Some are downright dangerous, disgusting and disastrous places for an animal to find itself.

Some people don’t spay and neuter, leading to unplanned, unwanted litters dumped at shelters where puppies are at serious risk of diseases like parvovirus, and almost certain death if they are not euthanized first. Black dogs and cats are at a much higher risk of being killed because there is a stigma attached to the color of their fur. In some communities, certain breeds are outlawed and may be seized and killed just for the breed they were born as! Backyard breeders and puppy mills contribute to pet overpopulation, disease and higher incidence of shelter killing.

Animals have no voice, no choice, no vote. Mom learned all this through me and my training (pretty smart, aren’t I?). She and some like-minded folks decided to form a posse – Pixel’s Posse – to educate, advocate and give voice to my fur brothers and sisters everywhere. The Pixel Fund, part of Pixel’s Posse, a 501(c)(3), was established to raise needed funds to support rescue and advocacy groups with “paws on the ground” in places like Macon, Memphis, Mobile, and in our home state of Maine. To save lives, we work to reduce shelter admissions by addressing the issues that cause people to give up their pets, support low and no-cost spay and neuter clinics, and encourage reform of the shelter system. The Pixel Fund’s mission, plain and simple, is to save lives that would otherwise be lost to the shelter system.

Thank you!





President & Executive Director:

Karen Wood

Board Members:

Kelly MacVane, Robin Stoddard, Karen Wood


Executive Director:

Debi Morford Kirkland


Josephine Larkin

Board Members:

Kelly Ennis, Jaymie Bridges, Josephine Larkin, Debi Morford Kirkland


Executive Director:

Ashley Perkins


Bryan Finck

Board Members:

Kellie Main, Bryan Finck



We specialize in saving lives that would otherwise be lost to the shelter system by providing shelter, food, and unconditional love. We are committed to finding forever homes for our fur-babies.


All volunteer-based.


We value ourselves in being able to build a community where people see animals as lifelong family members and treat them with love, respect, and kindness.


We lead responsibly with patience and compassion while educating audiences about animal care.

Being a foster has changed my life. It is the most rewarding feeling to see an animal grow away from anxiety and the unknown into a future full of love and family.

Michelle Contreras

We adopted our first family member through The Pixel Fund and they were so supportive throughout the entire process. We are so immensely happy with our new addition to the family.

Diego Rodrigues

I've been to multiple events, including Yappy Hour (a personal favorite), and I must say, all the volunteers always greet you with a smile.

It's refreshing.

Johanna Mendez

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