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Pay your adoption fee

If you are ready to pay the adoption fee for your new furry family member - please use the links below to process your payment.

We try to recover our costs so that we can continue to rescue more animals, and so that we can treat sick and injured animals. Besides the vet costs and the costs of spay/neuter, our single biggest cost is transportation. Therefore, animals adopted in Maine will have a higher adoption fee to reflect this reality. In addition, animals entering Maine are required to have additional vetting that adds to the expense of rescue.

Our dogs, unless otherwise noted because of age, are spayed or neutered, current on age appropriate core vaccines such as rabies (dogs 3 months and older), distemper, parvovirus, certain hepatitis strains, Bordetella, etc. Dogs over 6 months will have been tested for heartworm, Lyme disease and Canine Ehrlichiosis, and in some cases Anaplasmosis (the latter three are tick borne diseases). All animals will have received a worming and at least one month of heartworm preventative. All will have been treated with a monthly flea treatment. Adopters will also receive a copy of their new pet’s medical records. We require heartworm preventative for all dogs. Most of our animals are microchipped and you will receive information about how to register your pet.

Please note these important details:


No dog or cat will be released to an adopter without payment

Please write the name of the dog or cat you are adopting in the message section of your PayPal payment

You must pay the adoption fee for the state where you will be taking possession of the dog or cat

Custom Rates

If your Adoption Fee has been adjusted due to individual circumstances, 
please use the link below to contribute your own rate. You will be taken to a PayPal window that will allow you to enter your stated fee. The window will ask you to Donate to Pixel's Posse. Rest assured that you are in the right place. Your donation will pay your adoption fee.

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