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Become A Foster or Volunteer!


You agree to provide, at your own expense: shelter, food, love and affection, safe and appropriate exercise for the foster animal, and to alert The Pixel Fund as soon as possible if an issue arises that may require medical care.


The Pixel Fund will pay necessary veterinary expenses, and will pay for reasonable emergency expenses should the foster be unable to reach a Pixel representative, and if the foster determines that a life-threatening medical emergency exists. We are entrusting our animal to you and it will be in your control and under your supervision, therefore you become responsible for its actions and development.


The temporary foster placement can last between 2 days and up to 30 days. The average stay for a Pixel Pet is about 6 days. Please note - this can vary depending on what level of marketing your pet receives, breed, age, temperament, and overall disposition. Some animals that have come from an abusive or neglectful background may need extra time in their foster home to learn how to love and feel safe before we seek a permanent home. If that is the case, the Pixel Fund will discuss this with you before taking in an animal. In the event you are unable to foster an animal beyond the 30 day window, please notify us so we can work to find another temporary home. Please note, fosters beyond 30 days are uncommon.



The first step to becoming a foster is to complete the foster application.


As part of our screening process, The Pixel Fund will follow up with your veterinarian and landlord (if applicable), as well as perform a home visit to ensure you can provide a safe and loving temporary home.


We will talk to you about what kind of dog or cat would best fit in your home, whether you have children or other animals, and what your overall expectations are of the agreement.


You will be asked to sign a fostering agreement and a liability waiver before taking in an animal. We have no specific requirements other than your willingness and ability to provide a safe environment where the animal will be given love, exercise, social interaction, and attention.


We ask that you follow our written guidelines when caring for our animals and that you ask questions if you are uncertain.


We are an all-volunteer rescue with no paid employees. Your application is being processed by a volunteer who most likely has a job, a family, and other responsibilities. We ask that you please be patient with the process.


You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your application (check spam if you do not see it). It can take 48-72 hours for the next step depending on how quickly we have someone available to review your information.


Thank you for your interest in The Pixel Fund and we look forward to having you on board!

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