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Lindsay's Legacy

A program designed to educate pet owners on the importance of heartworm prevention and treatment. A dog or cat should not die a horrible death from a preventable disease. It is the mission of this new program to save other pets from Lindsay’s cruel fate. Every once in awhile a dog comes along who captures your heart a little quicker than the rest. Lindsay was one of those pups. A pregnant momma with an incredible spirit rescued in hopes that we would be able to save her. Unfortunately, we were too late. Heartworms had filled her heart and as hard as she fought, there was too much damage already done. Heartworm disease is terrible and completely avoidable. Lindsay's death will not be in vain. Through Lindsay's Legacy we strive to educate others about this disease and provide desperately needed resources to other dogs in need. Rest in peace Lindsay. Your grace in the face of adversity will never be forgotten. You were truly one of the special ones!

To donate to Lindsay's Legacy, click this link!

​For additional information on Heartworm disease, please check out the following resources:



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