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Foster Testimonials: Allison

"Fostering is the hardest thing I have ever done. I watch these dogs come off the transport and set foot onto solid ground. By this point they have lived on the concrete floor in a shelter that very few dogs make it out of alive. They have started their healing process in the loving arms of a foster down south. After being taken from that home and driven 36 hours to Maine, they are greeted by our eager team of Pixel North fosters! The instant gratification and love these dogs portray never ceases to amaze me. Watching the dogs incorporate themselves into the routine of my household and become family members is bittersweet, I have a hard time not keeping every one of them. We go to adoption events, each time hopeful that my "kids" will be picked by their forever family. When the time finally comes, and I leave the adoption event empty handed with tears of sadness and joy I think "I can't do this again". But sure enough, I see the photo of another face in need And know that I HAVE to do it again. We are part of something greater than anything in the world. My heartache is always replaced by the thankfulness that someone else saw in these dogs what we all see and chose to be the final leg of their journey to forever."


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