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Foster Testimonials: Michelle

"Our family knew we wanted to foster ever since November of 2011, when we adopted our first dog Cosmo from a North Carolina rescue. It was during our trip down south that we saw how dire the situation is with unwanted animals! I mean there is a problem everywhere with the pet population, but we'd never seen anything like this. The rescue we adopted from had no facility & relied completely on foster volunteers to care for the animals. We thought that was so wonderful! So after we got home I started doing research. I stumbled upon the Pixel Fund and my heart melted when I read the story of Pixel the chihuahua & her mom Janet. I knew right then we were going to get involved with them! The whole pixel team makes fostering So incredibly EASY. Everything is taken care of, all you have to do is give your love to one of these pups. It makes a huge difference in their life. There is NO greater feeling than watching a dog that was once unwanted in a shelter, blossom & come alive with your love! Fostering is so rewarding for everyone involved. For us it's been a true blessing, because we LOVE what we do."


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