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A Letter from a Pixel Volunteer!

Dear Friends in Rescue,

I know if you are reading this, you are an animal advocate, and thanks for all you’ve done to help. Over the years, the Pixel Fund has done extraordinary work and saved many lives. We are all volunteers working together. And the truth is that we all get tired. I wish I had the answers, but I do know that fostering a hundred or so dogs and cats over the years gave those furbabies a chance at great lives. Fostering also created a love of animals in our kids and helped them become leaders and caretakers in their own communities today. My point is that I believe our family has benefited just as much as the animals we have helped. It’s hard work with a wonderful payoff.

The truth is that Pixel is at a crossroads. We are in tremendous need of fosters and volunteers. We have become very limited in what we can do because we no longer have enough people. Please consider learning how to foster dogs or cats in your home. You can make all the difference for a few animals and for your own families by giving a little love. Help us give some furbabies a second chance.

With love,

Pam Estes Brewer, Volunteer, and Donnie, A Pixel Rescue



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