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Volunteer Opportunities with Pixel

Dear friends in animal rescue, In this post, every one of us will find at least one thing we can do right now to help in our fight to provide help to beautiful animals. The need is great. Please pick one thing you can do! Six volunteer opportunities are listed.

Volunteer Opportunity #1: We need your brains--advice/suggestions!


Here is the problem described by Debi Moreford Kirkland, one of our Board members in Georgia. We are now sending very few dogs to Maine, and most are small dogs. Puppies sent up are not getting apps. We have a very hard time getting Maine fosters to take dogs not pre-adopted because they know they may have them awhile, which then leaves Georgia fosters holding some for months. It is hard knowing how many are dying every day in our Georgia shelters. Maine, unfortunately, is pretty saturated. We actually had a hard-to-adopt dog adopted in Ohio recently. The adopters have family in the northeast and came to Maine to get him.


Email your suggestions for how to solve this problem to Pam Brewer at I will share them.

Volunteer Opportunity #2: Share most-in-need dogs with your network of people!


Three pups have received no applications. Two of them are beautiful seniors.


Help get the word out for Tyson, Taco Paco, and Pierce by forwarding this post to everyone in your network with a personal note to look at these three dogs at

Adoptable dog Orlando


adopt a dog orlando

Taco Paco

adoptable dog maine


Volunteer Opportunity #3: Set up, break down, and transport for events in Florida and Maine.


Taking care of the logistics for adoption events takes a lot of time as do short transports in the car. This is a great way to help if your time is limited. Maybe you could volunteer once a month for an event?


Email your contact information and availability to Pam Brewer at I will share with the appropriate people!

Volunteer Opportunity #4: If you are tech savvy, we need you for social media.


Producing our online content regularly takes time and tech savvy. We have some great people, but they could use some help.


Email your contact information and availability to Pam Brewer at Can you give 2 hours a month?

Volunteer Opportunity #5: Conduct virtual home visits.


We want to do everything we can to be sure our Pixel pets get wonderful homes.


You can help Pixel evaluate a potential home by visiting with the applicants online. They will take you on a tour of their space, and you can ask the questions that Pixel provides. Then report back to Pixel.

Volunteer Opportunity #6: Foster in Florida or Maine!


We have a heavy need for fosters for both dogs and cats (all ages) in Florida and Maine. We are having to turn away people in GA wanting to foster kittens because Maine has said no kittens from GA. Unfortunately, turning away fosters in GA after putting out pleas for help does not look good and word does get around. More fosters in Maine would allow for a few highly desirable kittens in GA to be rescued and trickle up.


Email your contact information and availability to Pam Brewer at Can you foster twice a year?


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